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SKCUBRATS!! Man Allegedly Poisoned Like A Rat @Starbucks!!

"Rat Poison" Allegedly On The Menu At Starbucks (Skcubrats) Coffee by Tom Modern to be released to the press.................10-12-2015 effective immediately I am basically Lucky to still be alive. Below I characterize and catalog an incident of poisoning that I experienced at a Starbucks location in Manhattan (370, 7th Ave.) on 3-3-2011. I believe the foreign substance to have been RAT POISON. I was sickened and suffered extreme Chronic Fatigue for one year afterwards. I have not done much as to publicizing this until now. But after I was victimized routinely at another Starbucks location by their sadistic employees for years (and abused further by their Legal Team), I decided Enough is Enough. Its time for their just desserts. Please help me against these Bullies by furthering this story!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Recently I met a young Brooklyn woman who told me a story about how she contracted an illness brought on by being fed rat poison by a malicious person. She asked me what my initial symptoms were and they were the same. A "tingling" sensation and" dizziness." *Starbucks spelled backwards is "Skcubrats." I visited a Starbucks Coffee store at 370 7th Ave (at W 31st St.) Manhattan at approx. 4:15 to 4:30 PM on March 3rd, 2011. I ordered a 'Tall Coffee' and proceeded to the milk bar where I noticed a fidgety, even 'jumpy' Caucasian female next to me. She quickly moved aside then walked away. 'She sure is odd...' I thought to myself and began to pour whole milk into my coffee. I then noticed some sort of dark material floating in the milk as it entered my cup. I was at first confused, but then shrugged it off as probably coffee grounds. When I was finished, I noticed what appeared to be some sort of black resin in the bottom of my cup. The next morning, I screamed in horror as I lifted my head off o the pillow. The whole world was spinning. I could not seem to get up. And so I tried sleeping off whatever it was, and got up about 2 pm that day. I was dizzy and my balance was all off. If I bent over to pick something up, I'd almost fall over. These symptoms continued for weeks and I suffered extreme Chronic Fatigue for one year afterward. After repeated attempts to retrace my steps, I continually came back to the foreign matter I saw in my coffee that day and the strange woman next to me. Whatever the substance was, it had come from the whole milk container and was not in the coffee. The material also seemed to be in a flake-like form, unlike coffee grounds. I should not have drank it, but it was just one of those things. The experience left me with chronic fatigue and disorientation. I believe the substance was some sort of poison, perhaps Rat Poison. And I am not sure what I could still develop in the future because of it. It has caused me to be very wary of public-use condiments ever since then. Anyone can put anything into those public-use milk bottles. At first, Starbucks Corporate said they were conducting an investigation and promised to keep me abreast of any developments. I never heard anything, so I had to contact the company again and again and again. On 4-11-11, Starbucks informed that the case had been closed and they claimed that no other customers have come forward-?! I voiced my opinion that this was unacceptable, and so the investigation was at that time reopened. I informed Starbucks Corporate that they had a moral and legal responsibility to allow me to view the store video. That I could identify the perpetrator. What if she continues to this day to do similar things? They replied that I had to be a Police Agency to request that. And so, Starbucks, this supposed "humane" company, would not let me view the video to pick the woman out. I also saved proof of my contacting: The FBI, NYPD, City of New York, Congressman Michael Grimm, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. All of these contacts proved futile except for City of New York Health Department, which called the poisoning an "Isolated Incident." I consulted with Lawyers who all told me it wasn't a strong enough case to pursue litigation. Yet I could have represented myself and won. But now the Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury are expired (3 years). I have not publicized this until now, due to the fact that I was victimized for years by sick, sadistic employees of a Starbucks at a different location (and abused further by their legal team). So now I am bringing the incident to light. Remember: anyone can put anything into one of those Starbucks milk bottles. And who knows if next time it isn't you, or it isn't something fatal like with cyanide (see 1980s Tylenol poisonings). I am still alive and well only by Faith. Please assist me in repaying these Bullies by Furthering this Frightening Story!!! Mark 16:18 / Aramaic Bible Translation into Plain English: “And they will take up snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed.”